10 Important Skills to Acquire to Find Early Success in your Legal Career

While studying in a law school or when joining the law school, students are unaware of the practical skills that are required in order to find early success in their legal career. The realization comes much later when they step into the legal world. As a budding lawyer, law graduates often find themselves in an unsalvageable position.

We fluff them and fold them and nudge them and enhance them and bind them and break them and embellish them beyond measure.

Heather Choates Davis

At Denning Law School, we believe that the following abilities and skills are essential for all law students to acquire in order to succeed in their legal career:

skills to succeed As aspiring lawyers

  • The ability to find, understand & analyze any law.

  • The proficiency to express an argument or a point effectively via writing or speech.

  • The ability to draft and negotiate contracts.

  • The skill to analyze a specific situation and present a legal strategy and then advice the clients regarding the same.

  • The ability to plan and manage a legal process efficiently, till it reaches its culmination.

  • The expertise to understand and support the commercial/pecuniary objectives of clients, as well as learn to gain comprehensive understanding of business models, organizational models and business logic behind transaction.

  • The ability to derive key points from large amounts of information.

  • The aptitude to devise creative solutions supported by legal reasonings.

  • The ability to understand and implement procedural aspects of law with a keen eye to detail.

  • The capability to represent the interests of clients rationally and evidently, in an impartial manner; before an authority or another party.

Denning Law School addresses this gap and works towards equipping its students with all the key skills that they will need to serve their clients and find success in their legal careers by designing the curriculum in a manner that it allows to understand the concepts, methods, analysis, reasoning and critical perspectives required to excel in the practice of law. Furthermore, their innovative teaching practices also help students become effective lawyers ready to be hired by law firms. We use the following tools to help our students gain practical skills:

Practical Exercises:


If you wish to acquire any skill, you need to practice it hard and long. We provide our students with opportunities to do the same. Organizing sessions, trainings and competitions where they can work on their key skills and harness their abilities efficiently is done on a regular basis.

Professional Career Counselling Advice:

Students require counselling at all stages in order to understand the best route for them. We have counselling experts who guide the students and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses which in turn ensures that they are able to make good choices for their careers.


Assistance in Job and Internship Placements: 


Finding good opportunities for internships is crucial as they are beneficial in developing your professional aptitude and strengthening your personal character. Not only this, but internships also provide a greater door to opportunity, when seeking and applying for a job after college. Denning helps its students in identifying and applying for legal internships and job placements.

alumni network:

Networking is the requirement of the day. Connecting and staying in touch with like minded individuals helps one grow professionally as well as personally. Denning has a wide range of alumni network as it has the largest student body at the moment. We therefore, pride ourselves in helping our own. .


Practical application of your studies will ensure that you gain success in your career. Denning completely abides by this statement. If you wish to know more please get in touch at or visit us.

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