About Us

Denning Law School is a recognised teaching centre of the University of London for its LLB Hons Program and currently hosts the largest student body in Karachi compared to any other recognised teaching centre of the University of London.

Over the years, Denning has become the top choice for students pursuing the world class internationally recognised law degree from the University of London due to:

(a) its top notch faculty consisting of full time academics with years of teaching as well as practical experience in the field of law;

(b) its vibrant student life and extra circular activities;

(c) the Pakistani Law Workshops it holds for its students to train them for the practical legal skills required to practice in Pakistan;

(d) its two state of the art campuses located in DHA and PECHS Karachi; and

(e) the strong and vast alumni network and linkages with top tiered law firms and national and multi-national companies in the country.

If you are considering the profession of law as your future option, DLS is the perfect platform for you.

Our Primary Focus

Academic Excellence

Ensure that students get the required legal knowledge and excel in the LLB examinations conducted by the University of London, within the due time period and with proper understanding of key concepts.

Practical Legal Training

Provide students with training on various legal skills required to practice law in Pakistan. DLS has a dedicated “Denning Centre for Professional Training” which assists our students in excelling in their legal career after graduation.

Career Development

Provide students with opportunities to do internships during the student life and give guidance on the various career pathways open for the fresh graduate. The Denning CDU maintains strong industry networks with leading lawfirms and organisations, ensuring that Denning Students get a priority in terms of job placements.


Denning Law School has a dedicated in-house consultancy wing, under the banner of Denning Consultants (DC) which provides the students desirous of pursuing higher education abroad with a personalized solution for pursuing higher education at the top universities across the world.


Denning is the only law school in Pakistan who has invested heavily in developing an e-learning module allowing the students access to lectures, materials and assignments, just like the top universities across the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the top law schools in Pakistan and providing our students with the best legal education along with development of practical skills which will enable them to achieve success in their legal careers.

Our Mission

At Denning Law School, the primary focus is to ensure that students complete their LLB degree with exceptional grades, within the due time period and with proper understanding of key concepts. In addition, Denning Law School’s focus is to instill and teach legal and practical aspects related to Pakistani law along with the University of London’s LLB (Hons) course (which is based on English Law) to ensure that post-graduation, students excel in their legal careers in Pakistan.