Best Subjects in A-Level which will help you with Law School Program

Have you heard the saying, “There are many paths to the top of the mountain.”

This old proverb is especially true when it comes to choosing majors for your A-Levels, before going to Law School. There isn’t a prerequisite major or a specific set of classes that you need to take in order to apply for any law school program. However, future law school applicants must choose their majors wisely, as this will help them navigate their first-year courses easily.

See below a brief overview of how each subject helps you in your legal studies.



You might have observed that many successful politicians are lawyers. The reason being the strong connection between law and politics. Political Science is basically the systematic study of the government and politics. It includes the analysis of political systems and behaviors. This is why a political science degree holder has an advantage in law school. They have a better understanding of how laws are devised and implemented as well as the historical events that led to their formation. Not only this, but political science courses often cover political and legal systems of other international countries, thus helping in giving a global overview of these systems. These programs help in enhancing the reading, comprehension, writing and public speaking skills of students.



Law is basically a system designed to regulate human behavior in a society. Therefore, in order to understand why humans think and work in a certain way; one needs to study psychology. Psychology revolves around human relationships and interactions. That is why students are able to understand the behavior and reactions of their clients better. Not only this, but psychology programs also help students become great negotiators.



Students opting for English have a very high chance of securing a place in postgraduate law school program. The simple reason is that they have acquired advanced reading comprehension and persuasive writing skills. Students are required to study complex text and then analyze and process the information to make critical arguments in an organized manner. This critical thinking skill helps in law school as well. Therefore, English Language is a key subject in order to increase your chances for a position in law school.



Study of history exposes students to not only events of the past but also the way different legal systems evolved. It also teaches court proceedings and the formulation of treaties in the old days. Not only this but during the course of their study, they come across diverse writings and research on dense and difficult to comprehend text. History students have sufficient experience in writing thorough and detailed research papers and establishing logical, clear and concise arguments drawing points from historical evidence. This, in turn, enhances their research and writing skills which are essential for law school.



Legal studies focus on many topics. They include undergraduate courses like contracts, torts, and property; postgraduate courses like antitrust, business organizations, and regulation. All of these are deep-rooted in the study of economics. Conclusively, a study of economics is basically a study of the financial impact of the law. Because of this, economics can be an excellent choice for specialization if you wish to pursue a law school program.



Law heavily revolves around ethics and human nature, both of which are key subjects of the Philosophy program. It is a difficult major as it requires students to think analytically and form logical arguments. Philosophy also involves mind-stretching mental exercises like examining issues of moral, and legal nature and then render judgment. This is a fantastic major which hones the student’s ability to think critically and argue, both the skills essential for law study.



Math may not have a direct connection with legal studies like the other programs we discussed. But this subject helps to develop analytical skills, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and dealing with different types of data; all of which are integral tools in legal careers. Not only this but math degree holders dwell towards specializing in securities and litigation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate law too. Thereby, making it an excellent subject choice for your majors.



This degree may seem completely irrelevant to law, but you will be amazed to see students majoring in biology and chemistry applying at law school. The fact that the different niches of law do require knowledge pertaining to different areas of scientific study. Environmental Law and Pharmaceutical law are two examples where a major in biology/chemistry or ecology will help immensely. The skills required to ace in a Science major are not different from the ones you need to excel in legal studies. Understand complex subject matters, analyzing data, providing logical answers with provable reasoning, are some of the key skills that students acquire during a Science Major.

Concluding, we have given you a brief idea of how the above subjects help you enhance skills essential for securing a place in law school and pass with flying colors. Though, it definitely helps to research the university/school you wish to apply before proceeding ahead. As each institution has its own prerequisites and criteria for admissions.

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