Is It Harmless Trolling or Cyberbullying?

Is It Harmless Trolling or Cyberbullying?

According to a research conducted by the Pew Research Center, 92% of the internet using community finds it more comfortable to be critical and straightforward while interacting with the others online as compared to their offline experiences. On one hand, where the internet gives us the critical tool of anonymity and privacy, it also arms...
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What does the Constitution of Pakistan say about Racism?

Considering the law of Pakistan, the minorities are given their fundamental rights. There’s no discrimination in the current constitution of 1973 that positions the minorities of Pakistan below the Muslims. According to Islamic law which is the basis of the Pakistani law, the minorities have been given; freedom rights, property rights, cultural rights, social rights,...
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Educational Webinars hosted by The University of Law

Denning Law School in collaboration with Denning Consultants arranged an academic webinar on 1st June on, “The impact of Brexit on the UK’s constitutional law in context of public law and EU law modules.” This session was given by Raury Mason from the University of Law who indeed did an outstanding job in putting across...
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How to get a Law Firm Internship

Law Firm Internship is an excellent opportunity for law undergraduates. It offers first-hand exposure to the legal profession and allows you to grow your skills. Not only this, but internships also help to narrow down career choices. Moreover, it enhances your resume thus increasing your chances when applying for future jobs. HOW DO I FIND...
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Different Types of Legal Jobs that Law Graduates Can Practice

When we hear the word “law”, it conjures up different scenarios; all of which are inspired by movies. But you will be surprised to learn that law is such a variably diverse subject and that it has a profound impact on every part of our lives. That is the reason that law graduates have the...
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Study Hacks that will help you ace your exams

Exam stress is daunting and tough. But if you want to overcome it and ace your exams, you must start working on it. We have prepared a list of some important and interesting study hacks that will help you overcome your fear of tests and study like a pro in no time. 1- TAKE CARE...
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Battle Against Corona - Sindh Lockdown – Legal basis of the Order passed by the Government of Sindh

Battle Against Corona – Sindh Lockdown

The current global pandemic has not only caused chaos worldwide, but also in Pakistan, in particular, the province of Sindh since it was initially the epic center of the CoVid -19 in Pakistan. Consequently, after the World Health Organization labelled the CoViD -19 a pandemic (defined as “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very...
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How to efficiently work from home?

How to Efficiently Work from Home?

Amidst the novel coronavirus pandemic, we still need to work. A total shutdown of the huge companies, businesses, education isn’t possible. And this is where “work-from-home” comes into play. A certain amount of people know how it is to work remotely because either they prefer to do so or maybe it’s just how their job...
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Best Subjects in A-Level which will help you with Law School Program

Have you heard the saying, “There are many paths to the top of the mountain.” This old proverb is especially true when it comes to choosing majors for your A-Levels, before going to Law School. There isn’t a prerequisite major or a specific set of classes that you need to take in order to apply for any...
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Denning Law School & College Sports Fest 2020

We are proud to announce our very first Sports Fest organized by our hardworking, dedicated and extremely talented Sports Society. Our core team consisted of: Asad Abbasi – Director Sports Abdul Khaliq Qazi – Director Operations Leena Burney – Head Registrations Hamza Zia – Head Finance Eeshah Shakeel – Head Marketing Afnan Ahmed – Head...
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How to choose the Right Law School for your Bachelors of Law?

The decision to choose the right law school for your Bachelors of Law can be a daunting task. And if you do not choose well, the best years of your life can easily become the worst. There are many universities in Pakistan; but choosing which one is the best fit for you depends on a number of key points. By taking into account, each of the following things, you can find the...
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10 Important Skills to Acquire to Find Early Success in your Legal Career

While studying in a law school or when joining the law school, students are unaware of the practical skills that are required in order to find early success in their legal career. The realization comes much later when they step into the legal world. As a budding lawyer, law graduates often find themselves in an...
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