Career Development Unit

The Career Development Unit at Denning has been developed to provide support and help new graduates as they step in to the professional world.

Career Development Unit at Denning Law School has the vision of ensuring professional development of the students at all levels while instilling in them the needed awareness regarding the legal profession in order to assist them in making an informed decision, so they thrive in their respective careers post-graduation.

The vision and mission of the Career Development Unit - CDU is to

  • Ensure professional development of the students at Denning Law School through various seminars, events and activities so they can excel in their careers post-graduation;
  • Provide assistance in job and internship placements at various organization and firms;
  • Counsel students throughout their years at law school in relation to the various post graduate career options and further education options;
  • Assist students in developing their professional profiles including resumes, cover letters etc.; and
  • Assist students in making an informed decision on which career path they should choose within the field of law.

CDU conducts career specific seminars, providing one-to-one guidance and advisory services, resume and cover letter reviews, mock interviews and publishing graduate directories in order to assist our students in the daunting task of finding the right organizations/ law firms based on their interests and career prospects.

The CDU also routinely informs all students of its different activities and programs and strongly encourages the entire student body to actively participate in the same in order to procure maximum benefit.

CDU – Webinar Series

As the first initiative from the CDU, 10-episode long webinar series based on professional development skills and competencies, primarily for law students was introduced.

The intent of this series was to help students polish and develop the much needed craft to ace in your respective professional spheres.