Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE)

Denning Law School is proud to announce that it has secured affiliation from the University of London to offer the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE) programme in Pakistan.

The CertHE programme is for students who do not meet the general entrance requirements of the University of London for standard entry onto the LLB (Hons) Programme i.e. have not procured the requisite grade in their A levels or have completed their Intermediate from the local education board in Pakistan. It is a unique independent qualification which provides students the opportunity to complete the same modules, as taught in 1st Year of LLB (Hons) and then progress onto the 2nd year of LLB (Hons) Programme. The CertHE programme at DLS is extremely competitive with students undergoing rigorous workshops and training throughout the year to instill in them the key skills required in the field of law.

The modules studied in the CertHE are the same as the first year modules of the standard entry LLB (Hons) Programme i.e. Contract Law, Criminal Law, Legal System and Methods and Public Law.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the CertHE program are:

  1. The applicant must be 18 years or above before 1st October in the year they register with Denning Law School;
  2. The applicant must have either completed:
    • Intermediate from any local education board in Pakistan;
    • at least 6 subjects in their O-Levels; or
    • any other foreign qualification equivalent to O Levels or Intermediate;
  3. The applicant has to demonstrate a good level of English Language skills which can be proved through O Level English Language examination grades, IELTS or TOEFL or any other credible evidence; and
  4. The applicant must pass the University of London’s Entrance Test.

Admission Process

The admission process of the CertHE program shall be as follows:

  1. Applicants desirous of enrolling in the CertHE program should fill out the admissions form and upload all relevant academic documents;
  2. The admissions team will review the documents and invite the applicant for an interview with the Board of Admissions;
  3. Upon successfully passing the interview stage, the applicant shall receive a conditional offer letter;
  4. Once the offer letter is accepted, the applicant will be registered to sit for the Entrance Test which will be held at Denning Law School; and
  5. Upon successfully passing the Entrance Test, the applicant will have to complete the remaining formalities to secure admission at Denning Law School.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the CertHE Program for the academic session 2021-2022 shall be as follows:

Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (CertHE)First Year
Tuition FeeRs. 245,000/-
Library FeeRs. 8,000/-
Student Activity FeeRs. 7,000/-
Admission FeesRs. 40,000/-
Total FeesRs. 300,000/-

Admission Form

Online Application Form

[[[["field18","equal_to","Transfer Student"]],[["show_fields","field114,field115,field116,field117,field34"]],"and"],[[["field18","equal_to","Graduate Pathway 3"]],[["show_fields","field186,field187,field188,field190,field189"]],"and"],[[["field34","equal_to","Yes"]],[["show_fields","field77,field78,field79,field81,field80,field82"]],"and"],[[["field141","equal_to","Other"]],[["show_fields","field142"]],"and"],[[["field192","equal_to","yes"]],[["show_fields","field193,field194,field222,field223"]],"and"],[[["field195","equal_to","O-Level"]],[["show_fields","field203,field204,field218"]],"and"],[[["field195","equal_to","A-Level"],["field195","equal_to","AS-Level"]],[["show_fields","field206,field207,field208"]],"or"],[[["field195","equal_to","Bachelor\/Master Degree"]],[["show_fields","field209,field210,field211,field212,field213"]],"and"],[[["field195","equal_to","Intermediate\/Matriculation"]],[["show_fields","field214,field215,field216,field217"]],"and"],[[["field195","equal_to","Other Degree"]],[["show_fields","field189,field190,field188,field187,field186"]],"and"],[[["field195","equal_to","Transfer Student"]],[["show_fields","field114,field115,field116,field117"]],"and"],[[["field222","equal_to","student"]],[["set_value",null,"[field6]",null,"field193"]],"and"],[[["field222","equal_to","parent"]],[["set_value",null,"[field178]",null,"field193"]],"and"],[[["field193","not_equal_to","[field6]"],["field193","not_equal_to","[field178]"]],[],"or"]]
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Personal Information
First Name(as per CNIC/Passport)
Middle Name
Last Name(as per CNIC/Passport)
Date of Birth
Student's Contact No.
Whatsapp No.
Home Phone No.
Residential Postal Address
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Academic Information
O-Level Institute
O-Level Grades
A-Level Institute
A-Level SubjectsSubject Name - Grade in each line
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Bachelor/Master Degree
Institute Name
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Other Info
Personal StatementExplain your academic background/any work experience, achievements, and why you wish to pursue LLB Degree?
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Photocopies of all supporting documents should be submitted on the interview day.

Profile Image *Upload Passport size Photographs in JPG or PNG format.
Upload CNIC/Passport *Upload CNIC/Passport documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format.
Supporting Documents (All Academic Transcripts) *Upload Original Academic Documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format. You can upload 5 documents max 2MB each.
Supporting Documents (Certificates)Upload Original Documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format (if any).
Supporting Documents (Extra Curricular/Others)Upload Original Documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format (if any).
Statement of Declaration