Denning Centre for Professional Training

Denning Centre for Professional Training is a one of its kind centre set up with the objective of providing an avenue for continued professional development and training for Denning Law School students. A wide range of skill and knowledge based courses have been developed by experienced instructors and practitioners with a view to help develop an understanding of Pakistan’s legal system, legal jurisprudence and practice, in particular, pertaining to Constitutional, Public & Administrative law and practice, Criminal and civil laws, evidence, procedure and practice and Corporate and Commercial laws and practice. These courses have been designed so as to equip the trainees with the required legal knowledge as well as to address various skills necessary for a successful legal practice, such as legal research, drafting and advocacy.

Students at Denning Law School have the opportunity to not only learn about the LLB (Hons) degree of University of London, but they also get practical on-hands experience of Pakistani law through the Denning Centre for Professional Training.

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