Mooting at Denning

What is Mooting?

Mooting is the art of eloquent and skillful advocacy. To further elaborate, it is the oral presentation of a legal case, backed by fundamental research and written submissions in front of the judges.

How is a Moot Court set up?

In a moot court, everything is carried out identically as in a real court. All the students participating are assigned the topic on which they will be mooting. The students are then required to carefully read and analyze the given legal issue, along with statutes and precedents governing the said area of law. It is incredibly vital for students to research on the given points and have a good grip on the legal knowledge associated with the legal issue.

Before the oral rounds begin, the students submit their written submissions (i.e. the memorials) to the judges that contain the statement of facts, the legal issues, summary of pleadings, the pleadings and the prayer. The judges evaluate the memorials and the teams who have submitted the best memorial will then be called to participate in the oral rounds.

During the oral rounds, the teams need to present their side of arguments before the judges within a set period of time. The teams also get time to present the rebuttals to the arguments of the counter parties – a crucial part of winning the round. An ardent mooter is one who is a quick-learner and sharp-minded. The judges evaluate the teams based on their preparation, courtroom etiquette, style of arguments and method of communication.

What is the importance of Mooting?

Mooting develops case analysis, drafting, legal research and advocacy skills. It also assists students in the application of the principles derived from statute and case law. Honing these skills will aid in both studies and practical life.

Denning Law School understands how vital the many elements of mooting are and that they should be worked upon separately to master the art of mooting. To accomplish this, every year, we organize the Denning Intra Moot Court Competition that focuses on polishing the advocacy skills of our students. It offers a stimulated court proceeding depicting the essence of an actual courtroom.  The quality of the Intra Moot Court Competition is praised by the renowned lawyers, who come every year to judge the competition.

Apart from the in-house moot competition, we also rigorously train our students for national and international competitions like Pakistan College Law Moot Court, Indus College Law Moot Court, LUMS International Moot Court, Jessup International Competition and Nuremberg Moot Court. 

Glimpse of DLS Intra Moot Court Competitions

1st DLS Intra Moot Court Competition 2019

2nd DLS Intra Moot Court Competition 2020

3rd DLS Intra Moot Court Competition 2021

DLS Mooting Achievements

Mooting is a celebrated tradition among lawyers for centuries, and Denning Law School aims to continue putting in extra efforts to produce exceptional lawyers equipped with the art of mooting.

It is indeed a challenging task to prepare students for such upscale and competitive mooting tournaments. However, with the joint effort of our diligent students, hard-working moot coaches and teachers, we have achieved quite a few milestones, such as;

  • Being the Pakistan Champions of largest Moot Competition globally – the Philip C. Jessup Competition 2021.
  • Our student, Usman Shiekh won the award of Best Oralist in Philip C. Jessup Competition 2021
  • securing the RUNNER UP position in the LUMS 3rd International Moot Competition,
  • one of our teams making it to the quarterfinals of the National Rounds of Pakistan’s largest Moot Competition – Philip C. Jessup 2020,
  • Ahrar Jawaid Bhutto for being awarded as ‘Second Best Oralist’ at national rounds of Jessup 2020

Denning Law School is incredibly proud of its students and their outstanding vocational skills that helped them win such prestigious awards.