Student Testimonials

I’m currently working as a partner at Sirajul Haque & Co., in their tax litigation and corporate tax advisory department. I feel privileged to have been a part of the first batch of students at DLS. The conduct of the faculty always reflected a genuine dedication towards their student’s development not only as professionals but also as individuals.

Hameer Arshad Siraj
Batch of 2016

I am Simra Chandio, Batch of DLS 2017. I am currently working as an Associate at Sajeel Mirza Mann & Shah. DLS has helped me get a better understanding and grasp of the law in all my subjects. The teachers here guided and enhanced my thought process and performance to the best of my ability which has been a stepping stone to all my aims and aspirations.

Simra Chandio
Batch of 2017

I am Qudrat Urooj, Batch of DLS 2018. I am currently working at Adamjee Life Assurance co. ltd as a legal officer. I honestly think Denning has provided a platform where teachers and students can communicate on a personal level to actually get a better understanding of what the legal practice in Pakistan has in store for the latter.

Qudrat Urooj
Batch of 2018

I am currently working as a Criminal & Civil litigation lawyer at Abbasi, Kunwar & Co. Through my three years at DLS, I have had the honour of witnessing this institution blossom into becoming the flag bearer of high-quality education of Law. I feel grateful for being part of the process. As for my teachers, I want to thank them for all the efforts they put into my learning; without them, I would not have discovered my true potential.

Mehak Hemnani
Batch of 2019

My time at DLS was marked by personal growth coupled with interactions with some incredible individuals, as well as the opportunity to attain a high-quality education along the way. Denning serves as a great avenue to form connections and relationships with members of the legal community that will last a lifetime. If you wish to study law in Karachi, I cannot recommend Denning enough.

Yousuf Khalid Anwer
Batch of 2020

Looking back at the time I spent at Denning, I can say that I couldn’t have made a better choice for pursuing my career as a lawyer. From academics to career counselling and everything in between was very well taken care of. I can’t thank the faculty members enough for providing me with the countless opportunities to grow academically as well as personally along with the co-curricular societies that moulded me into the confident individual I am today.

Hira Anwer
Batch of 2021

Denning Law School has been a very special place for me. I’ve switched numerous schools throughout my life and I would be lying if I say that this place has not been the absolute best. The teachers are extremely supportive and dedicated. There are rarely any teachers who are so selfless and passion-driven, you would be in luck if you find them. I have been lucky! Another best part about this school is that you would not need appointments to meet the teachers or administrators for your concerns. Their doors are always open for the students and they would address all your concerns without any formal requirements. If I were to go back and relive my LLB moment, I would undoubtedly choose Denning Law School, because it is home!

Alina Gul Memon
Alina Gul Memon

In our society comprising of some extremely capable institutions springing up, Denning Law School has been more of a figure, like the light guiding you towards your optimum, this place takes control of you, deciphering where your aptitudes lay and then moving with you into polishing it for the better tomorrow. It is here that I found clarity, the blueprints on my prospective life as a lawyer, I learnt that teachers can rightfully be your guardians and syllabus if taught right can be an asset to the mind for life!

Rameen Alvi
Rameen Alvi

Law is a demanding subject, and Denning Law School not only provides you with the guidance necessary to excel, but they do it with zealous dedication. The Denning community is so inclusive and welcoming, with ample opportunities for extra-curricular activities and functions! I’ve made life-long friends and memories here, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

Shahzel Najam
Shahzel Najam

Denning Law School is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore and many such life preaching activities.

Studying at the Denning Law School brought an added value to my life and degree. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people in legal and non-legal fields which made me learn enormous of things.

I have received a great support from the faculty members, by providing a platform through their knowledge and constant encouragement to enhance my skills and an opportunity to showcase them.

I will always be grateful to them and Denning Law School for making me prepared for the practical corporate life through these years of studying there.

Laiba Ellahi
Laiba Ellahi

I have been a part of Denning law School since past year. I am also the current and the very first President of Denning Law Council. Denning Law School which has been nothing but extraordinary for me.

Previously being a part of another institution for 2 years, I had a very different perception about law schools. Coming to Denning with my perception, what I received was completely opposite to my expectations. I found Denning to be a breath of fresh air, from the faculty to the admin. This School gave me a sense of inclusivity and acceptance, the teachers not only created an understanding environment about the law that we were studying, but also taught us how to attempt the exam paper which was severely lacking in my previous 2 years of law. With their help, I was able to significantly improve my grades and my understanding. Their teaching also helped revive my passion for law.

So trust me, when I say this you won’t make a wrong decision if you join this institution, you would gain skilled teachers and mentors who would always be there for you no matter what.

Abuzar Zardari
Abuzar Zardari

I truly appreciate every single moment spent at Denning Law School watching it grow into such a prestigious institute makes me proud that I was a part of the relationships that we created with our teachers that are likely going to be lifelong. Today I am honored that I experienced such a one on one teaching extravaganza under our mentors, teachers and most importantly our friends. My experience at Denning Law School has helped me learn a lot about the legal profession but also the practicality of life. Additionally the opportunities which I was fortunate enough to receive would have been impossible without Denning Law School’s existence. I wish my juniors all the best as they embark on this special journey and the lessons they are yet to learn.

Usman Siddiqui
Usman Siddiqui

Summing up my 3 years of LLB, I would like to say that my teachers made me feel confident in this journey. Rather than complicating this twisted degree, they made it fairly easy with making us learn the law inside out. DLS gives me the confidence where I do not hesitate in asking my personal questions as it creates a positive study environment. Addressing to every student individually and catering to their learning ability, the teachers here are just exceptional. Their scheduled manner of teaching helps students gain self-assurance in overcoming their anxiety close to the exams, I can say without a doubt that it was by far the best decision I made was to choose DLS.

Anushay Khalid
Anushay Khalid

I am proud to be a graduate of the Denning Law School. It provided me a unique platform and many great opportunities. The curriculum reflects the faculty’s genuine dedication to their students’ development not only as professionals, but also as individuals. The professors here are exemplary in their teaching styles and genuinely invested in me and my professional journey and allowed me to make what I wanted and needed out of the experience. I am so thankful for my time at Denning Law School.

Masuma Yusufzai
Masuma Yousufzai

It seems like it was only yesterday when I joined Denning Law School. It is hard to say a goodbye to an institute which provided me a wonderful platform to prosper in a legal career, I have always been passionate about. Denning Law School has proved to be one the finest institutions to pursue legal profession through their advocacy program. The School has provided me many opportunities, in the form of academic guidance and career counselling, where I showcased my abilities and skills. The atmosphere of the Denning Law School, the positive attitude of my fellow class mates and the enthusiastic faculty members made a vast impact in my personal and professional growth. I am very grateful for the remarkable dedication and commitment exhibited by my teachers, who kept me motivated and enhanced my knowledge and confidence. I say farewell to an amazing journey with a bundle of good memories that are going to remain forever.

Manoj Aswani
Manoj K Aswani

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Denning Law School. Over the course of this three year degree I have picked up many valuable skills that I am confident will help me excel in the real world and when it comes to my own personal growth. The teachers at Denning Law School have been very receptive to any concerns or issues that have come their way and they have always tried their level best to provide the students with facilities and an environment which is necessary in helping them grow as independent individuals.

I personally enjoyed taking part in many moot court competitions during my time at DLS since my involvement in these competitions taught me how to have a better command over my speaking skills and overall demeanour. Apart from academics and moot competitions I was also fortunate enough to experience a number of diverse events held at DLS varying from a welcome beach party to an Employer’s Event held for the graduating batch. The overall culture and student body helped groom me into a strong, confident and open-minded person and by my final year I opted to apply for an in-house internship that lasted for three months. Subsequently I was able to balance both work life and my studies easily because of the support I got from my teachers, friends and class fellows. In a nutshell, this degree and the years at Denning have been a very wonderful, hands-on experience. It has allowed me to explore and exploit as many opportunities as possible and I have managed to accumulate many skills and experiences that I am sure will help me in my career and personal development moving forward.

Yashma Naufal Hasan
Yashma Naufal Hasan

The commendable and rapid rise of the Denning Law School amongst the already familiar institutes speaks volume of the success it has achieved in providing an environment for the students to not only excel in the LLB program but also develop a solid foundation for their upcoming legal career. The Denning Law School has been highly successful in comprehending and imparting the true essence of the UoL LLB Program, something which the other law institutes have failed to do. Purely focusing on the LLB program, the institute has not only produced exceptional grades but has emphasised on nurturing legal skills by way of advocacy sessions. When I reflect on my three years at the institute, I’ve experienced a flexible teaching style tailored according to the needs of the students. Constant individual attention and frequent revision and past paper sessions have made sure I achieved the desired result. With the welcoming environment and laid-back approach, I’ve always felt at home. Here, I have not only achieved grades, I’ve created a personality. With a passionate and motivated teaching faculty, sky is the limit.

Shaheryar Tanveer
Syed Shaheryar Tanveer

“If you want to be the best of the best, you have to start by learning from the best.” Thats the motto which has guided my entire student life. As a student of law your academic goals should not only be limited to passing your courses but your aim should be to excel in all of them. And if you are looking for an institute where you have that opportunity, then Denning Law School is your best choice in the city.

Not only do the teachers here make certain you learn the syllabus, they also ensure that each of their students know how to structure the answers according to the minds of the examiners. Combine that with the social activities on and off campus during the whole year, the School becomes a beacon of light for all prospective students of the city by the sea. As a 3rd year law student, I’m happy and proud to have found a professional place to learn the grassroots of law.

Ahmed Khalid
Ahmed Khalid Dar

Denning Law School was the best decision I made for my third year. Switching from another school in the last year of my degree was a risky decision, one I’m glad I made. Found the most dedicated and hard-working teachers here with a student-centred learning, unlike other university methods. Teachers here focus more on the students and their understanding, giving each person individual attention rather than just getting done with the course. They make sure that each student understands the entire course, revising everything over and over, helping students memorise without them even realising. Unlike my past two years where I had to study everything on my own, the teachers here made my third year really easy for me and I’m thankful to them for that.

Dua Urooj
Dua Urooj

Trying to sum up in only a few lines what I enjoy most about Denning Law School is particularly difficult. The years that I have spent here as a student have been fantastic for a whole host of reasons. The ultimate aim of any university education is obviously to get a degree at the end and I’ve found that DLS is a great place to study, not least because it’s a university that makes you want to learn, but also because the professors and lecturers are all experts in their fields, which mean they have a passion for their subjects that is infectious.

They go out of their way for their students, they provide individual attention and most importantly know what a student requires because there is no ‘generation gap’. At this day and age, students look to go to colleges/universities where there’s a friendly environment with no hurdles to get to the administration to address issues, and Denning Law School is the perfect institution for such!

Sauban Tasleem
Sauban Tasleem

My name is Angelina Shoaib and I am currently in my final year of LLB at Denning Law School. Being a law student at Denning Law School has been enthralling and positive all around.

By studying at Denning Law School, I feel that my legal education has been broad, in-depth, and most of all fulfilling. I feel it has put me in the perfect position to start a career in law. One of the best things about studying here is the devotion our educators who give one-on-one attention and are passionate about helping students. They bring real-life examples and scenarios to the classes, which really helps with your understanding of the issues. Despite their busy schedules they are always on hand to answer questions and impart their knowledge when required.

Their colossal effort has enhanced my skills and helped me to acquire the required knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in my legal profession.

Furthermore, Denning Law Academy also host a number of socials throughout the year such as an international trip and with the Annual Law Dinner being the highlight of the social calendar. These events are perfect for not only learning more about the degree but integrating with other year groups.

My 3 years at Denning Law School have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

Angelina Shoaib
Angelina Shoaib

My law degree has been a roller coaster ride for me and the Denning Law School was the only platform on this ride that made me feel calm and see the bigger picture. The directors have been outstanding when it comes to mentoring and teaching. I still remember my first day at Denning Law School. I was anxious and nervous but as soon as I met the teachers, it was like I was talking to my friends and everything seemed to sail smoothly after that interaction. What one needs to realise is that law school is definitely tough and one should always have a strong support structure to support them when they hit rock bottom. Denning Law School was my support when I was at my rock bottom. Also, after IBA, this was the only other institution that felt like home again.

Ijlal Ajmal
Ijlal Ajmal

My name is Aryan Rajput and I’m currently in 3rd year of my LLB. It is my final year of LLB Undergraduate programme with Denning Law School. Hopefully, by the time this piece will publish, I will no longer be a part of this unconventional home- like institution. I would like to take this opportunity as precious chance to thank the founders of this institute that how remarkable they are in terms of delivering quality education in the respective area of law.

Pursuing this field and completing it within time would be never easy but with commitment, devotion and working tirelessly with all the students with being impartial towards every individual and breaking all traditional teaching methods. All the teachers in DLS have valued the profession in true sense.

Aryan Rajpoot
Aryan Rajput

I believe that out of all the Law institutes of Karachi, Denning Law School not only provides excellent and experienced teachers but also lets you participate in activities and trains you in an innovative and progressive manner which plays an important role in building a student’s confidence professionally thereby, producing socially active and outstanding lawyers! Denning Law School is committed towards providing excellent academic results! If you are looking for quality and innovation, this is the place for you!

Bushra Zahid
Bushra Zahid